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05 December 2012 @ 21:30
Everything is a lie.

This, would be the writing journal of Lina//onsafety.
She didn't think she would need a writing journal because, well, she doesn't write often.
However, out of the blue she just decided to so there.
de_milmentiras add away, no?

I don't know, why I wanted to call it mil mentiras.
Maybe it's because the whole world of fiction is a lie and we fangirls live in a world of our imagination and believe it's the truth.

The art of writing good fiction is how real you can make that feel. Is it not?

So maybe, in a strange way, this makes sense.
Yeah. Anyway.
On with what that really matters:

The ListCollapse )
16 April 2010 @ 22:10
Title: One day we will run our own World.
Pairing: Leo Messi/Bojan Krkic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not true. Fictional. Work of my imagination. I don't own these people and these things never happened.
Summary: Leo gets a little lost in his head.
A/N: First Leo/Bojan in 1 year and 3 months. A little longer than I had imagine it'd turn out to be. It doesn't flow as well as I would like, but I had to get this one out of my head and onto a page. So TADA. be gentle.

All our trophys, all our medals, somewhere by the sea.Collapse )